General Terms Of Service


Service Busters Canada , Graham Services Inc & Graham Global Communications Inc. (SB) (GS Inc) (GGC Inc) herein confirms our agreement concerning the contract or service  for Property services. Recipient and or customer agrees to pay their account balances on time.  SB is to be contacted if any changes are needed to be made to contract, service or job. SB is to be contacted if addition services is requested to be done on behalf of the customers and or  clients. Customer agrees to pay job and or taxes  invoiced by Service Busters Canada Graham Services Inc & Graham Global Communications Inc. at the latest within 48 hours after service has been completed/ rendered. For services of labor and additional services needed  you will be billed $80.00 per hour per worker plus materials. You agree not to pay money to Service Busters Canada Graham Services Inc & Graham Global Communications Inc employees and or workers but only to SB, Graham Services Inc & Graham Global Communications Inc. by one of our payment methods. You agree not to obtain or give employment to anyone associated with SB for a period 12 months after contract and service ends. SB, Graham Services Inc & Graham Global Communications Inc has the right to terminate this agreement and or send all un collected fees of job to you the customer and or collections and or seek legal recourse for un paid accounts and any damages. You agree to pay the whatever amount selected for the service you chose both online and offline. This agreement is legally binding upon signing, clicking ” I agree to the terms specified by The local Guys” online and or verbal recording that you have accepted the terms in this agreement and you agree to abide by it.



All transactions through paypal, credit card and cheques abide by the rules and conditions of this agreement. All debit, email money transfers and direct deposits abide the rules and conditions of this agreement


Any attempt to deceive the public or any of Service Busters Canada Graham Services Inc & Graham Global Communications Inc employee will be considered fraud. Any false statements against Service Busters Canada & Graham Services Inc will be considered fraud. False statements and false reviews both off and online will be considered fraud. Service Busters Canada & Graham Services Inc holds the right to seek restatution no lower than 5000 cad for any attempts of fraud against Service Busters Canada & Graham Services Inc


Both Service Busters Canada, Graham Services Inc & Graham Global Communications Inc and the client hold the right to cancel this agreement at any time with written notice. A $350 cancellation fee applies to all accounts terminated after service agreement and or service has been rendered and or activated or if there service balance is greater than balance which is greater.. All cancelled accounts will be billed original package and or service cost out lined online and or on our price list for the committed seasonal and or yearly term agreed upon at point of verbal, written or online acceptance of terms of service.  For clients that pre payed on a billing system your service will continue until the current payment period ends. Legal action will be taken on all delinquent and unpaid accounts at the expense of the client.canceled Payments will be subject to a $50 NSF administration fee. Service Busters Canada Graham Services Inc & Graham Global Communications Inc reserves the right to refuse checks after an issue with payment has occurred. Cash/Money Order/Certified Checks will be the only acceptable methods of payment after a payment issue has occurred.


For clients on the “dont pay for 30 days” promotion. No fee will be required to be payed until 30 days after account activation. At that time client will be billed for the last month and a proration of the following month service period and following the same proration pattern there after for the remainder of their term.  All month to month terms are an additional 30 on any seasonal program. For clients on the “30 day free trial” promotion. first 30 days are free until client receives 2 or more service calls/ services rendered to property, in such case client will be billed for services after first service call on ahourly basis for first month in addition to the proration of the  following month and the same proration pattern there after for the remainder of their term.


For clients on a pre-approved billing system the seasonal rate is broken up into a maximum of THREE (3) payments calculated by Service Busters. All Seasonal accounts receive a one time system access activation fee of $49.95. All monthly accounts receive a one time system access activation fee of $49.95 and a continual system access fee of $9.99 a month for the period of service term. The first check is due upon acceptance of the contract. Payments must be received by the Due date or a $35 late charge will apply. Any NSF or

Privacy Notice
Collection of information

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Use of information
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